Saturday, November 27, 2010

December Family Fun!

Christmas will be here too soon for me.  It seems like I cannot get everything I want to do - done- with my family.  I am going to try and cut out a few things and start some new traditions this year.  Do you know what you are going to do this year?  Do you have traditions that you follow every year?

There are wonderful online sources for December holiday activities. Here are a few with ideas to help you get started. They’re great for homeschoolers,school teachers, and families looking to create some memories.

One we are doing in our family this year : 2010 Activity Advent Calendar (Printable) from Mom Cents Online Magazine  We are also going to discuss the religious aspect of the Advent over dinner using the resource from Amazing Moms!

25 Holiday Activities Until Christmas:
  1. Have holiday movie night with popcorn.
  2. Walk or drive around to look at Christmas lights.
  3. Buy new Christmas pajamas.
  4. Make edible ornaments for birds.
  5. Open a present on Christmas Eve.
  6. Read about holiday traditions around the world.
  7. Bake Christmas cookies.
  8.  Make scented ornaments.
  9. Go caroling.
  10.  Participate in a charity drive (food/toy drive).
  11. Write letters to Santa.
  12. : Make popcorn balls or Rice Krispies treats with little pieces of candy cane in them.
  13. Sit outside and drink hot cocoa.
  14. Take the kids shopping and let them pick out gifts for everyone in the family.
  15.  Have your kids donate gently used toys they no longer play with.
  16.  Make graham cracker gingerbread houses.
  17. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  18.  Visit Santa Claus at the mall.
  19. Sing and dance to holiday music.
  20.  Read a bunch of holiday books.
  21.  Attend a tree lighting ceremony in your area.
  22.  Make homemade gifts for the family.
  23. Make paper chains to count the days — just take green and red construction paper and cut into strips pull ends together and glue. Build your chain to Christmas (add a link each day) or start with 25 links and tear one off each day!
  24.  Make Christmas trees out of construction paper. Use glue, construction paper, glitter, paint, dried beans, or buttons (whatever you have on hand) to make ornaments and decorations for the tree.
  25. Get a plain stocking and decorate it with a symbol of something that happened this year.
I will be updating with new sites, recipes and ideas throughout December.  What is your favorite holiday activity?

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Monday, November 1, 2010


Yep!  After 18 months of struggling with faith... I am back.  I no longer have that "Stinkin' Religious Thinkin'"!  I am glad God had me go through that, and I love everyone that I met at our previous church - Just glad I know what I believe now!  Yeah.  That quiet girl everyone loves has been hit with the boldness stick of faith and isnt afraid to be myself anymore!  If ya like me - great!  If ya don't- great!  The only person I live for is God.  His opinion of me is far more important than anyone else.   I am sure I will make mistakes, but I know I am forgiven.  Free to make the mistakes, because my heart is quick to repent.

A lot of my friends and Blog regulars know the struggles i was having.  Thanks y'all for praying and debating with me! :)  Glad we can all still be friends!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Cookbook!

MomCents Frugal Cookbook is on its way! Read on about how you can get a Free Cookbook!
If this can be done by the end of November - you can give this away on your website or print it out for Christmas gifts!

I need some recipe testers! If you would be interested in testing one of my “frugal recipes”- sending me a picture & a review – I will be compiling this into a down loadable cookbook. I will put your review & picture on my blog and in my newsletter with a link back to your site. I already have the recipes up :

All participants will get a free copy as well! Please comment here or email me. Thanks so much!

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