Friday, May 22, 2009

Its a rainy Friday and I am surrounded by a screaming baby and the added pleasure of visiting family. The family went out today and I am guessing they will be back for dinner, but who knows! This week has been very trying in all ways. Michael worked 2nd shift so my sleeping pattern is thrown off! Because I am more tired than usual, I am also crankier. I think I finally realized that I am a control freak. Add the lack of sleep + extra family members + my need to have everything perfect + a teething 2 year old = a GREAT week! (and my need for a vacation!)

I am going to try and relax this weekend. Try and realize I have kids and my house doesnt HAVE to be perfect. I am also going to see if Michael will let me sleep in on Monday!


I didnt get to sleep in. No biggie! I am going to clean for no more than two hours then I will have some fun with the kids....another rainy Monday!

I swear, sleep can do so much for your disposition! The whole world looks "sunnier" after a good rest! Hope you're feeling better!

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