Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 things Tuesday.....

5 Things Tuesday can be about any 5 things. 5 Things about you, 5 things you like to do...options are endless. I will post a new topic on Tuesdays if you want to play along! Here is what started it all!

5 things about me....

1.) I LOVE Motown Music

2.) I like pedicures but not manicures

3.) I have a straw fetish - drink everything out of straws

4.) I am "CDO" because I like everything in order

5.) I am actually from the MidWest - I am a transplant

Play along... what 5 things can you tell me about you?

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Hey! Following you from blogflow:)


Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! :)

You are too funny.. I LOVE: 4.) I am "CDO" because I like everything in order

Here are my 5 things:

1.) I LOVE the Victorian era

2.) I have a slight problem with spending large amounts of money at the Dollar Tree!

3.) My fav color is green and I LOVE zebra print!

4.) Im kind of a lazy perfectionist. LOL I want things done just so.. but Im not always up for doing it.

5.) I am a Christian :)

@Maria - I am a Christian too & I have no problem spending money at the Dollar Tree! lol Sometimes I have to avoid it like the plague so I DONT spend money there!

How is it being a transplant into the south? I've heard its quite an adjustment....
I have a couple of friends that moved to Georgia from CT and NY and it took them years to get used to it and to feel like they fit in.....

Hey, I love pedicures but not manicures too!

Let's see, my 5 things would be:
1. I married my high school sweetheart....and he still is!
2. I hate cleaning bathrooms the MOST...because they just get dirty again the minute someone uses them!
3. When I spend time with my Texas relatives, I immediately pick up the "y'all" and "precious"....it's contagious!
4. I love a good hamburger...
5. My son has math homework that's harder than any math I ever took....so I can't help...

Joining you from Blog Flow. Motown is one of my top 3 fave music also :)


@Jill - I have been here 3 years and still don't feel like I fit in but it's getting better! My closest friends are transplants too, so that helps! I love the South just miss my family!

And I refuse to call shopping carts "buggies"! Lol

@Tennesse mom- I married my high school sweetie too :)

Where in the midwest did you transplant from? I'm also living in Atlanta and transplanted from the midwest! I grew up in WI and lived in MN and CO.

Hi - found you through Blog Flow - I'm your newest follower!

Let's see 5 things about me:
1. I am addicted to reality tv
2. I'm a born and raised NYer and can't imagine living anywhere else
3. I hate the idea of camping and will never ever do it!
4. I have to sleep with 1 foot outside the covers
5. I'm a stay-at-home mom in a working-mom's body

@Gina - I am from Indiana originally & Was stuck on the GW Bridge in NY for 2 hours in the summer - that was about enough for me. Would love to see it without all the hassle though! #1,4 * 5 I TOTALLY relate to! Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for being my 100th follower! Following you back now!

I love pedicures and hate manicures too!

I wish I had seen this yesterday...I love getting know people more and this is a great way!! Do you do this meme on most Tuesdays?

Blessings, Monica @ Organized Chaos!!

Monica - i am just starting, but yes - it will be an every Tuesday thing. A different topic though. Feel free to jump in!

haha.. yeah thats me.. when i said I have a problem spending money there.. I mean its a problem cause I SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY THERE!!! HAHAHA I can go in and walk out having spent like $50! LOL Its bad.. so it can be a problem.. more with the hubs than me!! LOL BUT hey you get as much as you spend.. and that its amazing to me! I usually have to give myself talks as I enter the store and say ok Maria, you will only spend $10 here.. no more than that.. thats your LIMIT! haha it doesnt always work.

SEE what I mean? Its a problem! LOL

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