Monday, May 31, 2010

5 things Tuesday.....

What 5 literary women would you like to talk to in Heaven? Fiction or non fiction
Here are my 5 - Play along & tell me yours!

1.) Jane Austen
2.) Sarah (Abraham's wife)
3.) Elizabeth Bennet
4.) Colleen Coble (not dead yet)
5.) Anna Karenin

Play along... what 5 things can you tell me about you?


Thanks for the follow. I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.

Have a nice day!

1.) Atticus Fitch
2.) Janet Evanovich
3.) Stephanie Meyers
4.) Stephanie Plumb
4.) Nora Roberts

I love your list. I would add Charlotte Bronte.

I love the Bronte Sisters

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Ok, I am feeling very, a loss right now...I cannot think of anyone. Your list is great and all would be inspiring.

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