Monday, May 17, 2010

About "K"

"K" was born in Feb. of  2001 after 8 hours of labor. She was breech and the Doctors had to do an emergency c section. I still remember being strapped to the table feeling cold and uncertain of what was going on. The Dr said that I might feel a "little pressure", but I assured him I could feel the knife! I had to beg the anesthesiologist to believe that I could feel everything. FINALLY he stopped and checked, and sure enough, the epidural line was clogged! I thank God he listened! I had to be put to sleep and when I woke up I found that "K"'s nose had been broken and she was now in NICU because her nose was swollen shut! Needless to say, the next 17 days were very emotionally draining, but my faith, family and friends all saw us through it!
Photobucket One Week Old
We brought home a beautiful 5 pound baby girl! Michael and I took turns for 6 months staying awake 24/7 to make sure she would not stop breathing. Finally, I believe God told me to put her in His hands and to trust Him. We diluted her medicine and moved her into her own room. Over the next few months she improved and we finally started sleeping! She has been a very determined young lady from day one! "Determined" is my Mother in laws way of saying "stubborn". Once she is focused on something it takes full force to get her to change direction! She has struggled much with development delays and expressing her thoughts, but she has gained a lot of confidence and learned how to communicate better.
Photobucket One Month Old
"K" is 100%, a daddy & grandpa's girl! She is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and has always amazed me by her comments/statements. For example: she always knew before I did when I was pregnant and knew exactly what I was going to have! "K" loves to learn on the computer, plays with her best friend (Hannah), loves nature and animals. To know her is to love her, and everyone she meets does! She is extremely funny and understands jokes and puns that most others dont! I love to read the comics to her and see her crack up. She like Calvin & Hobbes the best!
PhotobucketOne Year Old
K" is going to a special learning therapy school, Stepping Stones,  that has done wonders for her learning. She has gone from being told she could "work at McDonald's one day" and not being able to spell her name, to endless encouragement and now reads and writes! This year the school staff took a pay cut up to 50% due to lack of funds.  The school is ran by donations and government grants, and due to the economy has felt the strain.
Please check out the FREE ways you can help support this school and soon - other like it.  
Your prayers are welcomed and coveted!
Thank you!


This is truly a touching post and I glad to have read it. I believe that God has a way to make things work and that everything happens for a reason. "K" is a very beautiful young lady and she will go far. Nowadays there are so many kids that need the special attention and funding is the problem. I would love to be able to help out.

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