Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Party in my Bed!

The kids were "resting" in my room watching a movie, when all of a sudden I hear them singing "happy Birthday".  I prepare my camera and this is what I found: 

Yes - They were eating the chocolate cake under my white down comforter!

My review is on the wonderful - Clorox Bleach Pen!   This really works!  If you have children - buy this in BULK!
I was worried that the bleach would bleed onto the blue edging, but it didnt.  My kids are very thankful to Clorox for this handy tool also!  I was going to take their allowance ($.25 a week) to pay for the cleaning.  Now it will only take them 6 weeks to pay me back instead of a lifetime!  I am happy too, because it only took about 3 hours to have my bed put back together !


What I mess! I would have died ! Did you yell or keep your calm? I wouldn't have been able to have not reacted....even though its not the end of the world! Thank God for the Clorox bleach pen!

I had the camera ready & then yelled: "WHAT!!!" that's why "M" is crying!

The part about how long it will take them to pay you back is hilarious! That pen is like a block of gold around here too. It works a miracle when you need it most :)

Wow I dont know what I would have done as I would have thought the comforter to be a gonner. Good info. Hello from the mom loop

wow that is a review that is amazing! Now following from Mom loop Follow Friday!

OMG! I think I would have died. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest follower from Mom Loop.

There's no question... I see this pen in my future! Glad it worked!

Happy Friday,

Oh boy kids and cake are dangerous! This is why I cant have anything white in my house,lol. I stopped by from the Mommy loop and am now a follower.

Oh my gosh! I think I would cry! Stopping by from Mom Loop and I'm now following you!

Woo! I totally need to get one of those, because it's only a matter of time!

Visiting from Mom Loop! Hope you had a good Friday!

Oh my goodness...I commend you for thinking of the camera, because although it must have been a stress time for you, you can now look back on it and perhaps smile! Love my Clorox pen, and my tide pen...I carry them in my purse!
Stopping by from Mom loop - Thanks for stopping by Organized chaos! you have a new follower!!

oh my gosh. =) I would have had an adult tantrum. =)

Stopping by from Mom Loop. I'm already a follower but still wanted to stop over. Thanks for stopping by today.

I agree witgh Activity Mom's response totally. HI,,I am here visiting your super blog and it sure brings smiles.. I think I'll enjoy your blog frog community if thats OK inviting myself to join in there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog..Its lots of fun in the Mom Loop.. Have a Blessed weekend ~~~Dena

I have an award for you. Please stop by my blog to receive it.

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