Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Night Friday

Our family has a "Family Night" every Friday.  Its a tradition that we started about a year ago and the kids look forward to it every week.  Its a night where we try to do something special with the kids and it is also the only night we have dessert!  The problem is that it has become pretty routine: Have a "living room proof" dinner with a movie followed by ice cream.  Tonight I am going to shake things up a bit and take the kids to the park before our routine dinner/movie/dessert! Woo woo! (insert sarcasm)

Its hard to think of things my whole family will like since the kids are ages 9,7,4 and 2!

Any suggestions for spicing up our family night and dessert menu?

Here are a few of our favorite family movies:


Welcome to the blogging community! I love that you have a friday night tradition with your family. I hope that we can establish that when my son gets older. that movie! Sounds like you have a great night in store!

One of my fave family movies is the "Ann of Green gables series" - what about strawberry shortcake- the fruit is in season, and it's easy!

Following you from Mom Loop! Hope you'll come check my blog out too:)

OOOHH! We love Anne. Well- us three girls :) My husband and son usually go and find something "manly" to watch !

Just came over from Mom Loop. Great job on your website. Am now following you and looking forward to your posts.

have a great day.


Looks like your blog is off to a great start. I'm following you from Mom Loop. I love your Friday night activities! I'm looking forward to being able to have family movie nights too.

Stopping from Mom Loop! I am not following. I know one of the Muffin Tin Monday Mom's does movie night snacks in muffin tins.

Stopping by from Mom Loop. I'm your newest follower! =)
What about a board game night with a make your own sundae bar???

Stop by when you have a chance

Stopping by from Mommy Loop!

You now have a new follower! I love Movie Nights!

Stop by soon...

Thanks for those that are following :) was a little sad (for like a split second)when someone said they weren't following. I was happier not knowing - oh well. :) I have to run - plans changed for our family night! Chinese food for adults and McDonalds for the kids! Now I have to go pick out a movie.

Does anyone have any dessert ideas for family night?

Ooh just reread the previous posts better - those are some great ideas!

Congratulations on your new blog! Good Luck! Happy Mom Loop Friday Follow!


Your blog looks great! Love you banner!
My kids are spread out in age too and trying to find something that's fun for everyone is always a challenge. We have a game called Hyperdash that's really fun, we play it and everyone can participate. It's really active and gets everyone laughing.
Scavenger hunts are always fun too! We stick the nonreaders on a team with the readers and make them in charge of carrying the bag, basket or whatever they're putting stuff in.
Hope y'all had a good time!

You have a GORGEOUS blog! I just wish it had been easier to find where the comment button was. Our Friday night is Pizza, usually NO dessert. We're Catholic and try to stay to non-meat on Friday and no dessert in memory of Good Friday. YOu know what makes a GREAT cake though? Angel Food! YOu can dress it up or down. The other night for my birthday, Dh sliced strawberries real thin and put that and whip cream on top of everyone's slice. It was VERY good, but the cake is good with NOTHING on it too.
You'd think I could thnk of a movie to watch, but I think we've seen all our movies so many times that we're bored with them!!
Mary B

I am new to the blogging community as well! Your blog name caught my eye, as my husband is a Georgia boy, from south of Atlanta. What you've done is really cute!

sounds like your doing a good job of keeping the family together. im another mom form GA i live in Columbus, GA. im also follwoing you form blogfrog mom loop.

Found you through blog hopping from another blog friend...not sure exactly how I got here:)! We, too, do family night at least 3 times a month...have for years...our kids love it as well! A few other movies you may want to try...Sound of Music, Chestnut (Redbox right now), Huckleberry Finn, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Neverending Story (may be scary for tiny ones), Pippi Longstocking.
Following you for more great ideas!

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