Friday, May 28, 2010

Featured Friday

I would love to feature some other Blogging Moms on Fridays! If you would like to be featured please tell me a little about yourself:

1.) A little background: name,children,business,hobbies etc
2.) Blog name, link, purpose (crafts,personal,daily devotions, etc)
3.) Is your blog a business or do you promote product / give aways/ contests? You can let me know and I will fit it into the feature.
4.) Play the "5 things about me"... List 5 things about yourself! (see examples)

Email me your answers > Grab A Button & put it on your site until you are featured.>

realatlwife at Yahoo dot Com (

I will pick a person on Mondays and link back to them in the feature and post their button for the week of the article. 

Let me know if you are interested in being featured!


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Sumana @

Id Love to be featured! :) Sorry I commented instead of emails.. I couldnt find youre email address! Im prolly really lame and missed it. And Im gonna grab your button and add it to my blog as son as I post this comment! :)
1.) A little background: My name is Maria Girdley, you can also find me as isabelgridley.
Im a 25 year old Wife & Mother of 3.
I Love: ♥God ♥family ♥singing ♥arts & crafts ♥graphic design ♥Photography ♥the Victorian era.

Agape Love Designs & Photography is my blog name.
In my blog you'll find my designs, photography, any fun crafts I like to do & make, as well as my life and lessons. Its kind of a mixture of a lot of things.. but thats kind of how my life is.. Im nomadic in my interests, I move around to a lot of different things. I can never settle on just one thing im good at.. I like to do and try it all! LOL That reflects into my blog. :)

3.) I wouldnt quite call my blog a business, I do advertise my photography, but that is just what I do locally. I dont do giveaways.. but Id love to do giveaways at some point. Just not now. :)

4.) My 5 things are on your last post!! :)

I like your blog, like the scriptures and you are so cute in your writing...Oh you are gorgeous too!
Happy fun follow Friday!!
Following your blog, come follow mine and say hi :)
Gros bisous

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Do you speak French or did you google /translate it? :)
Thanks for saying hi!
I have a give away on the 1st, don't miss it. You can win an add spot on the top of my blog for one month.
Have a great week end :)

I stopped in to your lovely blog from Blog-Flow.

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