Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frugal Find and Weekend Project

Ok, so I found a $15 cabinet at the Salvation Army and decided it was just too good to pass up.  However - I didnt measure the cabinet and my husband had to rent a trailer for $50 just to haul it home!  Add the paint and the shelving and my frugal find ended up costing me $150.

They just dont make them like they used to!  This really was a good deal, except now my husband wants to buy a trailer to haul my future findings.  I am not sure how "frugal" this find actually was if he buys the trailer he wants for $500!  Maybe I should have shopped IKEA!
Still I think it turned out pretty good - havent decided if I am going to panel in the left side or leave it to put "pretties" in....what do you think?



Should I leave the left panel open to display pictures & such?
Should I replace with a solid panel?


Wow...looks amazing! I think you should leave the one side open.

As for needing a trailer to haul it home...I would have ended up doing the same thing...oh was a great deal!

lol! Thanks! I think my hubby is anticipating more projects like this from me!

I love it like it is. It is beautiful!

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