Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 things Tuesday.....

5 Things I watch on TV.....

1.) Reality shows. I am trying to break my addiction. I am down to 2 shows a week!
2.) Classic sitcoms: "I Love Lucy" & "Dick Van Dyke"
3.) Classic '80's shows!
4.) Netflix
5.) Joyce Meyers


I'm a reality show junkie myself - I will watch ANYTHING reality!

I LOVE my Tivo, so I can record stuff and skip the commercials! There is so much not to love on TV, but it's a good way to veg out after a long day!

We haven't had outside TV access in forever, but now we can watch just about anything we want online! So, we choose anything SciFi, some detective type shows, i love Castle! Not too big on reality shows, but we have started watching So you think you can dance with our dancer, teenage daughter!

OH! Castle! LOVE HIM - Also the Mentalist!

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