Thursday, June 3, 2010

Featured Friday

Today I would like to introduce you to,Darah Zeledon, that I met at

Darah is a mother to 5 (FIVE) kids ages 9,6,5,3,and 2.
"I think that reason alone is enough to want to hear what I have to say about preserving a shred of sanity..." Darah owns a small start up business called and importing religious and spiritual wall art directly from Jerusalem. "We have patents and are protected by int´l copyright laws so our stuff is original and NOT MADE IN CHINA!", says Darah. Having visited the site, I can say that I will be getting a few things for my mother in law, who loves anything from Isreal!

A few more tidbits straight from our Featured Blogger:

I love to swim, bike, run and play with my kids on the beach or on a tennis court. We are a very close and athletic family. We also participate in many living room theatrical performances and have a lot of fun demonstrating our talents and not-so-talents.

The name of my blogs are: and The purpose of my writings is to publish, publish and publish. I am launching a career as a professional writer and am already having great success. You can find the links to all my published arts, online and in print, on the home page of my site. My second blog, thechaosminiseries, will serve as the lose outline for a non-fiction autobiographical book I am working on. It begins with Part I and has about 25 articles so far which wil serve as chapters or parts thereof.

My blog is a way to engage readers, make people laugh, tell a story and perhaps share some knowledge. I do not currently promote giveaways or contests. I am very focused on the caliber of writing.

Five things about me:
1. tough badass warrior mom and woman (with soft side and good heart!)
2. athlete
3. love to travel to foreign countries where English is NOT spoken
4. nature-lover, love to hike, mountain-bike, rafting, horseback riding
5. own my own small business start-up

Thank you Darah!

I would love to feature some other Blogging Moms on Fridays! If you would like to be featured please tell me a little about yourself:

1.) A little background: name,children,business,hobbies etc
2.) Blog name, link, purpose (crafts,personal,daily devotions, etc)
3.) Is your blog a business or do you promote product / give aways/ contests? You can let me know and I will fit it into the feature.
4.) Play the "5 things about me"... List 5 things about yourself! (see examples)

Email me your answers > Grab A Button & put it on your site until you are featured.>

realatlwife at Yahoo dot Com (

I will pick a person on Mondays and link back to them in the feature and post their button for the week of the article.


Thanks, Heather for the "Feature." Oopss! I see I was multi-tasking when wrote the above for my internal "editor" didn't kick-in and I left you some typos. Perfectionist in me is obsessing! What a fun site and BTW, you are beautiful!! I appreciate the attention, feels good. :)

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