Thursday, June 10, 2010

Featured Friday

Welcome, Maria Girdley, my Featured Friday Blogger!

1.) A little background: My name is Maria Girdley, you can also find me as isabelgridley.
Im a 25 year old Wife & Mother of 3.
I Love: ♥God ♥family ♥singing ♥arts & crafts ♥graphic design ♥Photography ♥the Victorian era.

Agape Love Designs & Photography is my blog name.
In my blog you'll find my designs, photography, any fun crafts I like to do & make, as well as my life and lessons. Its kind of a mixture of a lot of things.. but thats kind of how my life is.. Im nomadic in my interests, I move around to a lot of different things. I can never settle on just one thing im good at.. I like to do and try it all! LOL That reflects into my blog. :)

3.) I wouldnt quite call my blog a business, I do advertise my photography, but that is just what I do locally. I dont do giveaways.. but Id love to do giveaways at some point. Just not now. :)

5 Things about Maria:
Here are my 5 things:

1.) I LOVE the Victorian era

2.) I have a slight problem with spending large amounts of money at the Dollar Tree!

3.) My fav color is green and I LOVE zebra print!

4.) Im kind of a lazy perfectionist. LOL I want things done just so.. but Im not always up for doing it.

5.) I am a Christian :)

Thank you Maria!

I would love to feature some other Blogging Moms on Fridays! If you would like to be featured please tell me a little about yourself:

1.) A little background: name,children,business,hobbies etc
2.) Blog name, link, purpose (crafts,personal,daily devotions, etc)
3.) Is your blog a business or do you promote product / give aways/ contests? You can let me know and I will fit it into the feature.
4.) Play the "5 things about me"... List 5 things about yourself! (see examples)

Email me your answers > Grab A Button & put it on your site until you are featured.>

realatlwife at Yahoo dot Com (

I will pick a person on Mondays and link back to them in the feature and post their button for the week of the article.


:D Thanks for the feature!!! :)

Stopping by from blogflow. I lived in Atlanta for 5 years before moving to Utah. We miss it so much...minus the humidity! Swing by to visit us when you have a minute:

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