Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It happens in 31 days!!!

No matter how you want to look at it - it will happen in 31 days for me.  What is "it"? My kids start school! let the chorus of angels sing! (AHHHHH)!  This week has been one of those weeks - and its only Wednesday!

 Yeah- imagine this along with mascara between the toes and my foundation poured all over my white comforter!  It doesnt even begin to compare to the "party in my bed"!  Add in three kids with chicken pox who fought constantly over who was "happier" and you pretty much have my Monday!

Tuesday - I really did mean to get up early to workout, but somehow my staying up until 1am so I could have "me" time, won over my desire to loose weight!  Thank goodness my husband got the hint when he called & I said we were having leftovers for dinner and he brought home pizza! (another strike in my weight loss goal!)

So - today is Wednesday.  I am thankful that school starts in 31 days.  Today anyway.  I will miss them - but today I am excited! I got up at 5 am and worked out!  Got my devotion time and even some facebook stalking (oh - come on - we all do it!  You look at your friends pictures and walls but dont comment)
I am now off to give my 3 year old a bath - so she can play.  Make a tent in the den for the kids.  Give myself an hour to power clean. Then I am taking the day off!!!
Think I will check out other blogs today and catch up with some blog friends!
Are you a 31 day (YAY) or 31 day (Boo) fan?


I work full time and my son goes to an all day out while I am at work. I take a few weeks in the summer to spend with him and we enjoy every minute of it. The start and stop of school don't really make a huge difference in our house. My son is counting down the days though. He is ready to be a first grader. No longer the "little kid" in school.

My boys aren't school age yet, but I imagine when the time rolls around I'll be ready ;-)
On workouts - it always helps me if I take a moment to read/watch something fitness everyday. Either checking a fitness blog, see a tweet from a trainer, or reading a magazine article will help me stay motivated to get my workouts in :-)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention (again) that I came over from Mom Loop!

Mine are all under five. So no one really goes to school yet. But, I'm still on the fence about this one. But finding time to work out is nuts. My latest post is actually about just that!

found you through Mom loop comment follow. I so understand "those" days. I hope the rest of your day goes better. Good for you, getting up at 5:00am to work out! I don't know if I could do that, I feel as though I never get enough sleep as it is.

Saw your post on the Mom Loop. Stopped by to say hello. Hope you have a wonderful weekend (and rest)!

Dropping by from Mom Loop! Three with chicken pox at once?! ouch! Well, next week's gotta be better!

Stopping from Mom Loop. I hope things go better today. It sounds like you have had a messy week. Have a great weekend!

Saw your blog from Mom Loop.
Really enjoyed reading your blog.
Blessings to you!

31 days! That's it?!? Summer flies by way too fast! Glad to have found you through Mom Loop

3 with Chicken pox!!! I feel for you. I remember those days and now it's teenagers. I have 2 kids and my stepson in for the summer and with their friends in and out, I am about to lose it. I may not be fighting chicken pox but I am fighting know-it-all teenagers. I think I rather fight teenagers rather than chicken pox though. Hang in there, it has to get better. 31 days YAY!!

Stopping by from the Mom Loop. Wow, I give you a ton of credit for working out that early. I know I seem to have more of these days then less lately. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

OMG, LOVE the lipstick pic!

New follower from MBC!

Stopping in from Mom Loop.
I am for sure a Yay school starts in 31 days. I will be very glad for it too. I have a 8 year old little boy and 6 year old little girl. I love them, but look forward to school starting again!!!

My kids aren't old enough for school yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be in the YAY camp. Awesome that you got up early to workout-- I wish I were as bright-eyed in the morning!

Stopping by from Mom Loop!

31 days until school is back in??? We've only been out 2 weeks here!! We still have 57 days until back to school....and it can't come soon enough!!

Wow, yet another from Mom Loop here :-) My little one's nowhere near school age, but I thought I'd drop in because I'm originally from the great Peach state, too! So I love your url :-)

Good question fellow blogfrogger! My girls spend the whole summer with their dad in Alaska, so my count down is to see them again. Downside though is that as soon as they're home they are off to school before we can do anything fun:(

Greetings! I’m visiting from the Blog Frog Mom Loop Community Comment Follow.

I'm an empty nested grandmother of seven. School starting is / was / and always will be a huge "Boohoo" for selfishly self-centered me. I love having children under foot. I miss them more than all the tears I could ever cry.

I know I will miss them! Today I am actually NOT wanting school to start! It is so true that life goes by too fast!

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