Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Review: Faith Like Potatoes

I recently viewed the movie,Faith Like Potatoes, and found it related to my own life more than I had expected.  The story is based on the real life of Angus Buchan, a Scottish born farmer in the Zulu African nation.  Both moving and entertaining this movie is a great for the family ages 12 and up.  There were some graphic moments that may disturb younger children.  In the beginning it is hard to understand the dialog due to the accents, but I quickly got absorbed in the story!  I put off watching this movie because, frankly, I thought it would be boring and just another "preachy" movie.  This was very well filmed and though the life of this man is inspiring, it is also very down to earth and made me have a better realization on what faith means.  Faith Like Potatoes is definitely along the quality of  The Blind Side and will go into my DVD collection!  This is more than a review - its a recommendation!  This should be watched with non-believers as well as believers.  Be prepared to answer some questions by those younger or not in the faith.  You can find a free study guide here :

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I'll have to put that on my Blockbuster queue and check it out.

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