Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 things Tuesday.....

bringing back a classic -

5 Things Tuesday can be about any 5 things. 5 Things about you, 5 things you like to do...options are endless. I will post a new topic on Tuesdays if you want to play along! Here is what started it all!

5 things about me....

1.) I LOVE Motown Music

2.) I like pedicures but not manicures

3.) I have a straw fetish - drink everything out of straws

4.) I am "CDO" because I like everything in order

5.) I am actually from the MidWest - I am a transplant

Play along... what 5 things can you tell me about you?

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I love massages.
I am a foodie.
I love crazy workouts. Like right now Im doing 102 degree yoga.
Ive been with my husband since I was 16.
I love in So Cal and dont want to live anywhere else.

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