Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cowboy -Up! "C" Week

Howdy!  Today was "Cowboy Day" here in "c" week!
We had a lot of fun!  We introduced our new "secret word" and added it to our word wall! "OW"


We rustled up some "c's" on our cowboy boot letter search & made our own Cowboy/girl puppets.  We talked about the shapes and glued them on our paper bag!


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  • We rode a "horse" Outside 

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    and watched a really cute Cowboy show (about 7mins) - all before lunch!  WHEW! If you'd like to receive all the worksheets & activities that we do - sign up here :

    I leave you with the Cowboy show :)


    Sooooo cute! I start kindergarten with my daughter on Monday. We are excited! I found you via blog frog and am now following. Stop by anytime - the coffee is always hot! {grin}

    I love the plan that you have set up. How has it been working so far. I might try this with my daughter. She is a little bit younger but she can recognize some letters.

    Chanel - Its working great. Honestly, I havebeen really busy so this week we havent done much. My 3 yr old can recognize letters too and she is getting a lot out of it.

    My son would have loved “Cowboy Day” when he was little. Of course, my daughter would have loved “Cowgirl Day” as well! Great idea! I gave you an award at

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