Monday, August 2, 2010

First day of school & a blown tire!

Yes, the first day got off rough!  Kids dressed and ready to go and I get a mile down the road and the tire blows out.  My husband saved the day and I got "Bear" off to her second grade class!  Hubby let me use his truck to take her and when I got home and walked in the house I had my two little ones saying - "Welcome to class teacher!"  The day just got better :)

This is my crew right before we headed off to school!  Hubby takes "Kaybug" and I take "Bear" and the PreK'ers.

So very excited!  They woke up at 6am ready to go!

On to Day one of My homeschooling the PreK'ers:

We started with singing the "ABC's" and did said our memory verse 3 times:
2 Corth. 5:17 “Anyone who believes in Christ is a New creation.”

- Then we talked about the letter "a" and the sounds it makes.  They had fun yelling : "AHHHHHHHH" - Alligator, "AHHHHHH" Apple, etc
- Colored their alligator picture and practiced writing the upper and lowercase "a".
- Watched our "A" song
- We Practiced counting and played "ALLIGATOR FLOOR COUNT"  - I have 3 pieces of laminated papers.  Each one has a 1,2, and 3 word and number.  They had to put the correct number of "alligators (clothespins)" on each paper.  We also jumped away from the alligators.  1 jump, 2 jumps, and 3 jumps.
- Talked about the color "red" and did our "A" page for our alphabet book.


What a way to start off...blown tire! Sounds like it all turned around, though!

Thank God it all worked out! Kids had a GREAT day at PreK and now I am off to get the other 2 from school! YAY! First day turned out ok after all :)

Hey I'm a new follower from comment follow friday on Blog Frog. I have a "Kaybug" as well. =) Yesterday on the way to pick up my car, my husbands truck had a brake line break... I hate all cars! haha. Nice to meet you. Hope you can follow me back.
Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

What beautiful children! I started school with my little ones this week too! (My oldest starts 8th grade next week.) I am doing Kindergarten with my four year-old who will be five in November. I don't have a Kaybug but I do have a Ladybug! She is two and a half and is loving doing "school" with her big brother. We just started reading instruction, picture study and reading lots of books this week and will add math and other things next week, but it's so exciting! I look forward to reading your blog!

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