Thursday, August 19, 2010

"A" Week

Ok - I have had lots of people sign up for my free Pre school plans - How is it going?

I will get "B" week up soon along with some pictures - Things just got so busy here with school, home,church - LIFE!
If you would like to receive FREE PreK activites & Plans CLICK HERE!

Here is a an extra activity we did with the letter "A":

The first week went by fast!  I thought I had a lot of things to do with the kids but we were done in about 45 minutes!  They cried out for more! YAY!
One of the things we did was tape a picture of an alligator to 10 mega blocks.  I hid them around the house and had them search.  When they found one they screamed "AAAAAAAHHH - Alligator!"
Noisy, but cute!
If you are following the plan - what has worked for you?


I love what you are doing here and at Mom cents. I am a teacher who has decided to stay at home. In the last week I have also made the decision to homeschool. Your site will come in handy! I found you at blog frog!I'm a follower.

Free preK activities! Hooray! Nice blog you've got here. I'm following you from blog frog.

Really liked your pre-school outline. My sons attend a daycare/preschool now but I am in the process of hopefully staying home with them soon and am looking for ideas to do more preschool at home. Lovely! Lovely! Happy to have found you. I'm your newest follower from blog frog! ~Kimberly

P.S. - your christmas countdown sidebar thingy cracked me up! :-)

i really enjoy your blog...
thanks for doing this...
also, you have an award waiting on you...

AWWW! Thanks for the award! With all that is going on here its hard to keep my blog up! I am glad you are enjoying the plans!

Hi, I love your blog, I recently started Family Friday fun nights (real recent actually) so your blog definitely caught my eye and so did the fact that you live in Georgia.

Hi! Visiting you & now following you from the Blog Frog post:
Want more followers on your blog?
I am now your newest follower - please come exchange the favor & visit & follow back! Have a great weekend! :)

Hi, I've been following for a while and have been meaning to download your preschool plans. My daughter is enrolled in a 2/morning/week playschool but we also like to do things that are educational at home, together with my husband too. I love all of your ideas!

I've also given you a blog award! I hope I'm doing this right, as it's the first I've both given and rec'd!

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