Monday, November 1, 2010


Yep!  After 18 months of struggling with faith... I am back.  I no longer have that "Stinkin' Religious Thinkin'"!  I am glad God had me go through that, and I love everyone that I met at our previous church - Just glad I know what I believe now!  Yeah.  That quiet girl everyone loves has been hit with the boldness stick of faith and isnt afraid to be myself anymore!  If ya like me - great!  If ya don't- great!  The only person I live for is God.  His opinion of me is far more important than anyone else.   I am sure I will make mistakes, but I know I am forgiven.  Free to make the mistakes, because my heart is quick to repent.

A lot of my friends and Blog regulars know the struggles i was having.  Thanks y'all for praying and debating with me! :)  Glad we can all still be friends!


So happy for you and your journey...everyone is different and it's the end result that matters!

Stopping by from BF Mom Loop!

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